Our Story

Over ten years ago, some Lutherans in Sioux Falls looked around and wondered where Sioux Falls would grow and they purchased land in the northwest part of Sioux Falls in the hope to one day build a church there so that people living in that corner of Sioux Falls would have a place to gather to hear God’s Word and grow in faith. The land was purchased and there it sat. Waiting.

Three years ago, the timing seemed to be right and a few people, under the leadership of mission developers Roe and Pat Eidsness, began meeting for Bible study and Sunday morning worship at the McCrossan Boys’ Ranch Chapel. Other people looked at was happening and said, McCrossan’s is great, but what about that land you have? And so a building went up and in September 2014, WestSide moved into a new building and onto the land on which, years earlier, others had dreamed a church would be.


What We Do

WestSide is a church passionate about being in the northwest part of Sioux Falls, where there is a diversity of housing and, therefore, people. In the middle of a growing neighborhood, God is gathering people into church, where doors are being opened and lives are changing through hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We hear that Good News and learn more about faith on Sundays in worship and during WestSide Wednesdays when we gather for community and learning.

Outside the Church

WestSiders are regular people going to work, taking care of their homes, families, and community, serving others through the living of their daily lives and the various vocations God has given them.

Regularly, WestSiders also serve together. Some of the things WestSiders have done as a community is serve at Kids Against Hunger and the Food to You Mobile Food Pantry; worship with inmates at St. Dysmas, a congregation inside the SD State Penitentiary; host a Trunk or Treat night for the WestSide neighborhood; collect items for Necessities for Neighbors; and connect with McCrossan Boys Ranch at Christmas.

WestSide is a part of the South Dakota Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).



9:00 and 10:30 am